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At BGI, we don't just make great products, but we also design complete turnkey solutions for our clients. Whether it be the physical protection of an entire facility, the design of an interlock gate vehicle entrance, or the installation of bollards and gates integrated with access control, we will work with you to design the optimum cost-effective solution to your security challenges. We have experience in airports, government buildings, military installations, borders and border crossings, private buildings and compounds and critical infrastructure.

Interlock Drawing


We utilize a range of advanced safety features in our installations to ensure peace of mind and avoid unintended operation. These include:

  • Inductive loop vehicle detectors installed in the road.
  • Edge detectors on the arm to stop or reverse if they touch/collide with anything.
  • Photo-electric cells to further ensure that the barriers are not in motion while something is passing.
  • Lights to indicate when it is safe/unsafe to pass or when barriers are in motion.
  • Sirens to indicate that a barrier is in motion.

Installation & Maintenance

Through our worldwide network of distributors and dealers, BGI are pleased to be able to provide installation and maintenance for our entire range of products. Installations for complex entrance designs can be handled entirely by our team as a turn-key project, or alternatively the products can be supplied for simple installation.


Many of our products can be customized to your needs. Our design and engineering team will be happy to discuss your requirements and work with you to develop a solution.
Access control often needs to be integrated with other security systems or enterprise IT and our specialists will ensure seamless implementation and integration with your existing environment.

Project 3D

Our Technology

BGI barriers must withstand heat, cold, dirt, rain, snow, sand and ice and must be able to operate for hundreds of thousands of cycles reliably and with minimum maintenance. Our research and development and manufacturing processes have resulted in barrier mechanisms of unparalleled reliability and quality.


We offer hydraulic, pneumatic, electro-hydraulic, electric and manual operation of our products (although not every mechanism is suitable for every product).
Our drive systems are renowned for their ability to accurately and smoothly move gates spanning tens of meters and weighing hundred’s of kilograms.


Our controllers are built with precision and accuracy to ensure reliability and easy maintenance. Our experience in building customized programmable controllers enable our customers to remotely manage a wide array of complex elements, integrating access control with physical elements to ensure only authorized and safe movement of vehicles and people.

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