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BGI offers a range of traffic lights suited to harsh outdoor environments. Rated to IP65, they are either 24V or 220V and are offered in both LED and incandescent versions. An anti-vandal housing has also been developed to enclose the traffic lights in locations where they are susceptible to damage or attack.




A safety device for detecting vehicles above usually installed before and after the barrier by. Sensitivity can be adjusted. From 9V DC to 240V AC. Can be used to ensure that the barrier doesn’t close when a vehicle is above the loop. This can of course be overridden in the case of an emergency closure of the barrier. Sensitivity is adjusted according to the location, the use and the threat.



Operator Panel

There are two types of panels:

  • Start button panel with 2-3 power buttons, plastic cover and high quality power buttons. Usually use an open and close command.
  • The operator panel made of aluminum, Panel size is customized to customer requirement.



This simple but reliable and effective system allows gates or barriers to be activated by using cellular phones.

In order to open the gate, the cellular phone number of the caller must be pre-registered in the system. Phone calls are free since the system does not answer the call and use air time, rather it uses the Caller ID of the calling phone which it checks against a predefined list.

A PC or phone based management console allows access to be defined on an hourly or daily basis and one-time visitors can be granted access by registering their phone details and expected arrival time/date in advance. The system can also be programmed using SMS text messages.

The system can store over 5000 phone numbers and is suitable for all types of installations including car parks, closed residential communities, private homes and commercial compounds.

Celllular phone activation uses the GSM phone system and phones must have Caller ID enabled in order to activate the gates.



License Plate Recognition (LPR) systems detect and read vehicle license plates for traffic enforcement, toll roads, border control, security, access control, parking systems, and many other applications.

BGI offers a sophisticated vision-based License Plate Recognition system that identifies number plates on stationary or slowly moving vehicles approaching a barrier or gate.

The combined camera/illumination unit compares the recognition result to an authorization list and opens the gate if the vehicle is authorized. Authorized vehicle numbers are stored on the unit’s local database. Users can change the authorization list, as well as other parameters, using a special web server application.

The system in its typical configuration will recognize a license plate in less than 0.5 seconds and the detection range is 4.0 -to 7.0 meters with a standard lens. Multiple cameras can monitor a single lane for increased security and reliability.

With its ability to operate continuously during the day and night, including adverse weather conditions, BGI’s LPR solution can be run as a standalone system or integrated into an enterprise IT environment for full control and tracking of vehicle movement.


The RFID Parking Control System is a control and monitoring system designed for use in residential condominiums, gated communities, business parking garages, university parking areas, and hospitality or retail centers. The system is powered by three key components:

  • Parking Control Software
  • RFID Vehicle Tags (hang tags and windshield tags)
  • RFID Readers

These three components work together to provide vehicle parking control, and is highly customizable to fit the requirements of any parking facility. The Parking Control System ensures access is only granted to authorized vehicles.



One or two sets of photo-electric sensors are typically installed close to the barrier line and serves two purposes:
To detect people or motorbikes which would the loop detector would not be able to sense.
As a backup device in case of failure of the loop detector.
Product Code: T1600



Installed on the edge of gates or underneath the arm of arm barriers, the purpose of the safety edge is to detect if an object has been touched and immediately reverse direction. Made of rubber. Conductive edge. Mechanical rubber frame with aluminum rail.

Length: 1500mm



Speed Bumps and Parking Restrictors

Ideal for slowing down vehicles without causing damage, BGI speed bumps are modular and can be combined to provide the required width. Durable parking restrictors provide an aesthetic and practical delimiter for parking spaces and will prevent damage to vehicles and buildings. Constructed entirely of rubber, they can withstand the pressure of constant vehicle passage and are suited to all weather conditions.


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