Automatic Bollard
K4 Rating (6.8 ton/48Kph)
Automatic Bollard
K8 Rating (6.8 ton/65Kph)
Automatic Bollard
K8 Rating (6.8 ton/65Kph)
Automatic Bollard
K12 pas 68 Rating (7.5 ton/80Kph)

Automatic Bollards


Bollard Mechanism

BGI automatic bollards can be operated with hydraulic, pneumatic, or electro-hydraulic mechanisms; the choice of solution will depend on the operating environment.
Special consideration has been given to drainage in the design to ensure that extreme conditions of dust, water ingress, and snow, do not affect the operation of the bollard.

Each Bollard contains a hydraulic cylinder and a Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU).
This powerful mechanism ensures the smooth, silent and trouble-free operation of the set of bollards.
For independent, self-contained operation, it is sometimes desirable to use electro-hydraulic units installed in each, individual bollard. Quick and simple installation.

When powered by BGI’s innovative pneumatic system, the bollards can be operated at higher speeds; these when combined with a light arm barrier.
Pneumatic systems can be used to integrate, simplify and accurately synchronize with other elements in the system.
The pneumatic system reduces wear and tear of the components, ensuring longer life of the components.

B3200 Rating k8

SP-400 (ATG) K8

PAS 68: V/7500(N2) /64/90:2.3/2.7

B5000 Rating k12

PAS 68 : V/7500(N3) /80/90:2.6/0.0

Type Rating Mechanism Speed Diameter Height above ground foundation Download Spec
B3200 K8 Pneumatic Electric Hydraulic 1.5-5s 220mm 700-1000mm 1300-1600mm
B3300 K8 Pneumatic Electric Hydraulic 3-6s 270mm 850-1000mm 1600-2000mm
SP400 K8 PAS 68 : V/7500(N2) /64/90:2.3/2.7 Pneumatic Electric Hydraulic 3-6s 220mm 1000mm 1600-2000mm
B5000 K12 PAS 68 : V/7500(N3) /80/90:2.6/0.0 Electric Hydraulic 4-8s 330mm 1000mm 2500mm

A range of advanced safety features are available:

  • Inductive loop detectors
  • Photo-electric sensors
  • LED lights on bollards, includig traffic lights
  • Speed bumps
  • Synchronized additional barriers

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