border gate
Custom designed to meet customer's requirements
anti radiation gate
Custom designed to meet customer's requirements
anti-ballistic/Anti-Blast Gate and doors


Custom designed to meet customer's requirements

counter intrusion gates

Custom designed to meet customer's requirements

Special Gates

The extreme engineering required to produce these massive doors is a testament to the capabilities and dedication of the BGI team.

BGI anti-blast gates and doors which incorporate either a sliding or swing mechanism are constructed from armor plated steel panels and BGI undertakes the complete project from design to engineering and installation. Due to the sensitive location of many of these doors, they are often remote controlled and include a host of detection and monitoring devices to ensure that the doorway and any personnel in the vicinity remain safe. All our anti-ballistic and anti-blast gates and doors are custom designed according to our customer requirements and the threat levels that they expect to face.

Weighing up to 12 tons, these gates are up to 6 meters high and 6 meters wide and have been installed at border crossings, prisons and other high security compounds.

Creative Engineering Solutions
The challenge of engineering an anti-blast gate of these proportions, which can remotely be instructed to silently and smoothly glide into place cannot be understated. In situations where the safety of personnel is paramount, the operation and the reliability of these massive anti-blast and anti-ballistic gates is vital and BGI is uniquely positioned with the technology and the experience to design, build and install such gates.

Configuration and Operation
The gates can be configured either as sliding (suspended from a horizontal crossbar) or swing. Sliding gates are powered by a heavy-duty 5 – 7.5 horsepower electric motor with a clutch that can be neutralized during a power outage. Swing gates are powered by a hydraulic system capable of moving the massive gates on its hinges. Interior blast doors are manually operated.

Border gate


Anti-Ballistic/Anti-Blast Gates and Doors


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