Stopping a Full Trailer Truck at “Tarkumia” Checkpoint
  • The Threat

    On 20 November 2008, a full trailer approached Tarkumia checkpoint.
    The driver did not hear the guards calling him to stop and continued driving. The guards were vigilant enough to activate the emergency procedure and the system brought the vehicle to full stop.

  • The Solution

    The S1000 road pikes designed to stop a vehicle within a reasonable distance, without causing damage to the driver or major damage to a vehicle.

  • The Result

    1. The spike pins penetrated all 4 wheels of the truck with minimum damage to the tires.
    2. The truck stopped after a few meters.
    3. The truck has not lost its steering system and therefore didn't create any rost to its surroundings.

Stopping a Full Trailer Truck at Tarkumia checkpoint

The S1000 road spikes system is activated with a pneumatic/Hydraulic/Electro-Hydraulic system. The thought behind the design of the S1000 road spike is to create a simple surface road barrier with no bumper on various types of roads (high way, urban road etc.) which can be in one second a perfect anti trespass barrier while considering the events of encroachment by mistake or innocence of people who called attention to the signs or local regulations.

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