Bombay Stock Exchange

Following on from recent terror events in Bombay, BGI was invited to establish a complete line of bollards and gates to protect the Bombay stock exchange.

The project included anti-ramming automatic and fixed bollards, and cable arm barriers installed around the perimeter of the stock exchange.

Border Crossing

Border crossings are characterized by a very high volume of rapidly moving traffic and the challenge is always to maintain the flow without compromising security. BGI has establish border crossings which meet all these criteria and have shown to be reliable and efficient over many years of trouble free operation.

Bucharest Airport, Romania

BGI installed a series of roadblocks on access roads to the International Airport in Bucharest. The project included the roadblocks light arm barriers and control systems and BGI took full responsibility for the turn-key project.

Nigera Government

BGI has been honored to carry out a number of projects for the Nigerian Government at government offices and infrastructure locations. Each has required a combination of solutions to effectively secure entrances and perimeters.