Tripod Turnstiles

Half-height tripod turnstile

half-height turnstile 1BGI tripod turnstiles are designed to provide access control to secure areas. Electronically programmable, these turnstiles will ensure the smooth flow of people while maintaining control and monitoring the people who pass through.

These space efficient turnstile barriers can manage a high hroughput and can be electrically or manually operated. Integrating with any access control system, they can be operated by magnetic or proximity card readers, biometric readers, buttons or tokens. The unique drop-arm feature provides a fail-safe safety solution in case of an emergency or power failure, providing fast evacuation in the event of an emergency. As an additional security feature, there is also an option to lock the arms in the event of an emergency.

The turnstile has bi-directional control, allowing optimum control of flows (according to rush hour or peak times). The carousel has outstanding modern design, and is manufactured to the highest standads ensuring reliability and years of worry free use.

Electric carousel control

The carousel has programmable logic allowing maximum control and flexibility (one-way, bi-directional, direction changing according to time of day).

Safety and security

The mechanism is installed on the top of the carousel center and locks the arms preventing the passage of two people at a time and ensuring that the arm returns to its home position after a turn of more than 60 degrees. It can also be locked or in case of emergency or power outage the arms fall, allowing for quick passage of pedestrians. 

Model Mechanism Finish Height Arm Height Arm Width Body Width
TS10NG Electric Stainless steel 1000 mm 780 mm 510 mm 330 mm
TS11NG Manual Stainless steel 1000 mm 780 mm 500 mm 330 mm

220 V with dry contacts

Structure 3 Arm system angled at 120 degrees
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