Turnstiles - Full Height

Turnstiles - Full Height
Turnstiles - Full Height

Full height manual or automatic turnstiles for safety, security and access control

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Full height security turnstile

full height turnstileBGI turnstiles are designed to control or prevent access by people to secure areas. Either electronically programmable or manual, these turnstiles will ensure the smooth flow of people while maintaining control of who passes through.

BGI full-height turnstiles are designed to fully enclose an opening to a secure area yet ensure an efficient and safe flow of people. The turnstiles offer bi-directional control, which allows flexibility in managing the flow of people and multiple concurrent passages, while maintaining the highest level of safety and security.
The turnstiles have an outstanding modern design and are manufactured to meet the highest standards, ensuring years of reliable operation even in the most demanding installations with very high capacity.
The turnstiles have also been designed to withstand all weather and are suitable to environments with extreme temperatures, high salinity (close to the sea) or high humidity.

The turnstiles is available in an electronic or manual version:

Electronic turnstile control

  • The programmable turnstile allows maximum flexibility and control with the ability to set it to operate in one or two directions according to the time of day, or the ID of the access control operator. It can also be set to lock completely for total security. It can also be released using an emergency override to allow the turnstile to turn freely in either direction.
  • The user friendly operating system enables simple and cost-effective monitoring and control. The turnstile is fitted with red and green lights on both sides to indicate to the user when it is safe to pass.

Turnstile mechanism

  • An electro-mechanical mechanism installed at the top of the carousel is designed to work in all weather conditions.
  • Access and maintenance is quick and easy and if necessary modules within the mechanism can be replaced quickly and conveniently.
  • The turnstile has a mechanism that prevents it swinging back after a rotation of 30 degrees.
  • During a power outage or fire, an emergency release mechanism ensures smooth and rapid passage through the turnstile.
Model Mechanism Finish Height Width Depth
TS10NG Electric Rotor (arms) + stainless steel top box
Fixed grille surround painted galvanized steel oven
2200 mm 1600 mm 1350 mm
TS11NG Manual Rotor (arms) + stainless steel top box
Fixed grille surround painted galvanized steel oven
2200 mm 1600 mm 1350 mm
TS10N Electric All stainless steel 2200 mm 1600 mm 1350 mm
TS11N Manual

All stainless steel

2200 mm

1600 mm 1350 mm
TS10G Electric

All galvanized steel

2200 mm

1600 mm 1350 mm
TS11G Manual

All galvanized steel

2200 mm

1600 mm 1350 mm

 220 V and a low-voltage 24V system for control and buttons


1. Turnstile comprises a 3 arm system, with a 120 degree angle between them.
2. The arms are manufactured from 2" diameter pipes with 145 mm distance between them and a rounded plastic cap finish.
3. The central column has a diameter of 3" with 4" metal plates at the top and bottom containing bearings that require no oiling or greasing.
4. The turnstile is 2350 mm high with a net height of 2200 mm off the ground. Width 1600 mm, length 1350 mm

Installation The turnstile must be installed on a level concrete base 1800 mm x 1800 mm and with a thickness of 100 mm minimum B-200.
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