High Security Active Spikes

Active 2-Way Spikes
Active 2-Way Spikes

Fast deployment, reliable operation and equally effective against small cars or large trucks

Active 2-Way Spikes
Active 2-Way Spikes

Hollow spikes designed to rip tyres apart irrespective of approach direction

Active 2-Way Spikes
Active 2-Way Spikes

Forms part of a comprehensive design for border security

Active 2-Way Spikes
Active 2-Way Spikes

Designed to bring a vehicle to a full stop without harming the passengers

Active 2-Way Spikes
Active 2-Way Spikes

Engineered to meet the most stringent environmental and security specifications

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High Security Tire Killing Automatic Spikes

S1000-flat tire
S1000 Active Spikes

The unique and innovative fast-response S1000 tire killer spike system was developed with the specific aim of bringing a car to a halt without harming passengers. Designed to rip tires apart and even withstand the latest generation of run-flat tires, the S1000 has been proven in the field as a particularly effective solution for border crossings and locations where vehicles pass at high speed.

Pneumatically operated and typically synchronized with a light arm barrier, the S1000 system comprises a set of hollow spikes which cross the entire width of the lane. When the barrier is down, the spikes are locked in the raised position and when the barrier is raised, the spikes are lowered into the ground allowing cars to pass over.

The hollow spikes have been engineered to ensure that a vehicle will be disabled irrespective of the approach direction. The height and width of the spikes have been specifically designed to rip apart both small private vehicle tires and large commercial vehicle tires. Even run-flat tires which use either the solid wall or wheel band method, are similarly disabled by this system which is particularly ruthless in its ability to shred a tire and damage the wheel.

Suitable for all weather conditions, the spike system incorporates a self-cleaning mechanism and drainage.


Bollards, gates, roadblocks and cable barriers will bring a vehicle to a complete and immediate halt but passengers are likely to be severely injured or killed by the impact.

It has been shown that for certain applications such as border crossings, a run on a barrier may have been with criminal intent, but may also have been a result of driver error.

BGI was therefore requested to design a system to effectively bring a vehicle to a halt whilst ensuring the safety of the passengers. The resulting patented spike system has been deployed extensively at border crossings, car parks, toll booths, entrances to hotels or sensitive facilities and similar compounds to provide an effective solution to this problem.


The spike system can be operated either pneumatically or hydraulically resulting in fast and reliable operation. When operated pneumatically, by regulating air pressure rather than power to gears and motors, the system controller is able to accurately synchronize the movement of the spikes with the light arm barrier above. Where light arm barriers are incorporated into the design, safety features can ensure that the arm barrier is always down when the spikes are in the raised position.

Opening time is fully adjustable and can be as short as 1.5 seconds. The opening and closing speeds can be set independently.


Given the extreme conditions under which the S1000 spike system is installed, BGI engineers took special care to design for all weather conditions. The large diameter of the spikes prevents blockages and allows rain and snow to drain through the system. Dust and sand which can enter through the spikes is channelled down through the system and out in such a way as to ensure the mechanisms run reliablely.


The spikes are housed in 1 meter long segments which can easily be removed for maintenance. The spikes themselves can be individually replaced with little effort. Pneumatic operation of the system results in very low maintenance since there are no gears or motors and very few moving parts.

Model Mechanism Foundation Length Max. Speed Download Spec
S1000P Pneumatic 500 mm Up to 5m 1.5 secs pdf
S1000H Hydraulic 500 mm Up to 7m 3 secs

The active spike system is powered by a pneumatic mechanism.

Air Pressure:

Pneumatic requires 5-6 ATM of air pressure supplied from a compressor with a storage tank.

Electrical requirement:

110 - 240 VAC (compressor and electro-hydraulic)


  • Remote air tank capacity indicator (pneumatic)

 Active Spike Layout

A range of advanced safety features are available to ensure peace of mind and avoid unintended operation:

  • Inductive loop vehicle detectors installed in the road.
  • Photo-electric cells to further ensure that the spikes are not in motion while something is passing.
  • Traffic lights by the road to indicate when it is safe/unsafe to pass or when the spikes are in motion.
  • Sirens to indicate that the spikes are in motion.
  • Speed bumps to slow down approaching traffic.
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