BGI offers a wide range of accessories to complement its barriers, gates and access control systems. Some are off the shelf products whilst others are custom made according to the clients needs. In all cases, BGI will recommend safety accessories according to the site conditions, the expected vehicular and pedestrian traffic, and the anticipated threat levels.

IR Long range camera
Retractable Camera
Pillar lights
Arm lights
LED Lights
Speed bump collage
Reflecting eye

Cameras and CCTV Monitoring

In many locations, it is necessary to provide security personnel with a clear picture of the area all around the entrances/gates/barriers but from a safe distance, away from any potential threats. Furthermore, there have been instances where attempts have been made to vandalize or destroy cameras to hinder the work of the security personnel. BGI offer a wide range of PTZ cameras and CCTV solutions in both Infra-red and visible light spectrums for monitoring the field. Additional accessories include lighting and anti-vandal mechanisms and elements such as retractable camera arms.

Arm/Barrier Lights

A range of LED arm/barrier lights is available both to enhance deterrence and to ensure that the barrier is clearly visible from afar. LED lights can be mounted as a cap on a bollard, or in a line along the length of an arm barrier. LED lights can also be added to the motor housing unit to ensure that it can be seen clearly and to avoid accidental damage.

Product Code: T1500

Warning Lights

Warning lights are typically installed either next to the road, on the motor housing (in the case of light arm barriers) or on the top of the fixed portion of the gate. In all cases the yellow light can be set to be fixed or flash and runs off either 24V or 220V.

Product Code: T1550

Safety Edge

Installed on the edge of gates or underneath the arm of arm barriers, the purpose of the safety edge is to detect if an object has been touched and immediately reverse direction. Made of rubber. Conductive edge. Mechanical rubber frame with aluminium rail.

Length: 1500mm

Product Code: T1800

Traffic Lights

BGI offers a range of traffic lights suited to harsh outdoor environments. Rated to IP65, they are either 24V or 220V and are offered in both LED and incandescent versions. An anti-vandal housing has also been developed to enclose the traffic lights in locations where they are susceptible to damage or attack.

Code Type No. of Lights Diameter Shade
TL1300 Incandescent 2 (green/red) 8" (200mm) Yes
TL1320 LED 2 (green/red) 8" (200mm) Yes
TL1350 Incandescent 2 (green/red) 4" (100mm) Yes
TL1380 Incandescent (anti-vandal) 2 (green/red) 8" (200mm) Yes
TL1390 360° LED Tower - Pole mount 2 (green/red) 70mm  

Loop Detector

A safety device for detecting vehicles above usually installed before and after the barrier by . Sensitivity can be adjusted. from 9V DC to 240V AC.  Can be used to ensure that the barrier does't close when a vehicle is above the loop. This can of course be overrided in the case of an emergency closure of the barrier. Sensitivity is adjusted according to the location, the use and the threat.

Product Code: T1700

Photo-electric sensors

One or two sets of photo-electric sensors are typically installed close to the barrier line and serves two purposes:

  • To detect people or motorbikes which would the loop detector would not be able to sense.
  • As a backup device in case of failure of the loop detector.

Product Code: T1600

Speed Bumps and Parking Restrictors

Ideal for slowing down vehicles without causing damage, BGI speed bumps are modular and can be combined to provide the required width. Durable parking restrictors provide an aesthetic and practical delimiter for parking spaces and will prevent damage to vehicles and buildings. Constructed entirely of rubber, they can withstand the pressure of constant vehicle passage and are suited to all weather conditions.

  Type Material Height Length Width
T1100 Parking Restrictor Rubber 135mm 1800mm 152mm
T1200 Speed Bump Rubber 50mm 500mm 450mm
T1250 Speed Bump Rubber 50mm 1000mm 450mm


Typically used in case of emergeny barrier operation after an operator has pressed the emergency button, these sirens produce 114dB of sound and are rated at 40W. The sirens run off 12V, 24V or 220V and are engineered for outdoor installation and operate in harsh environmental conditions.

Product Code: T1900

Arm Skirts

Where visibility needs to be increased for arm barrier and to provide more of a visual deterrence, skirts can be added to the arm barriers to help close the gap between the arm and the road surface.

Product Code: T1400

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