R2000 Roadblock
R2000 Roadblock

Highest level of security to stop vehicles in their tracks

R500 Surface Mounted Roadblock
R500 Surface Mounted Roadblock

Surface mounted roadblock combined with light arm barriers

R2000 Roadblock
R2000 Roadblock

Securing the entrance to airports and critical infrastructure

R500 Surface Mounted Roadblock
R500 Surface Mounted Roadblock
R1000 Road Block
R1000 Road Block
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Full-width Roadblocks

BGI's wedge roadblocks are the anti-ramming solution of choice for the highest security installations where full width lane protection is required. With their quick deployment and ability to bring a vehicle to a complete halt, these roadblocks are engineered to meet the most demanding security standards.

The BGI series roadblocks are suitable for the protection of sensitive government and military locations and of entrance ways to key infrastructure compounds.

With a shallow foundation and an efficient hydraulic mechanism, the R1000 roadblock is simple to install and operate and requires minimal maintenance. The roadblock can be activated using a range of access control solutions and can be fully integrated into perimeter security systems.

The R2000 roadblock provides even greater protection with a deeper foundation.

The R500 roadblock is a surface mounted unit requiring no foundations.

All our roadblocks offer

• Highest protection level
• Fast operation
• Reliable
• Low maintenance

As well as the standard widths that we offer, custom units can be manufactured according to your specifciations and the unique needs of the roadway to be protected.


All our roadblocks are hydraulically powered offering open and close times as fast as 4 seconds but adjustable according to the specific needs in the field.When greater lifting power is required for a wider road span and longer arm, hydraulic power may be used. In this case, similar to the pneumatic option, the reservoir and compressor are installed by the side of the road and high-pressure oil is fed to the bollards to provide the lifting power. The bollards themselves contain only a simple piston mechanism.


Roadblocks must be able to withstand the ravages of constant heavy vehicle traffic and extreme weather conditions. They are subject to snow, ice, water, sand, gravel and stones which can all potentially cause faults and block mechanisms. BGI roadblocks have been designed to perform under all these extreme conditions and have shown to be durable and resistent to many of the factors that can cause problems. In addition, the modular design of the roadblocks means that they are relatively easy to service and clean.

Code Mechanism Foundation Depth
Height Length
R500  Hydraulic 0  700 mm Up to 3m
R1000  Hydraulic 500 mm  700 mm Up to 4m
R2000  Hydraulic 1800 mm  750 mm Up to 4m

The roadblocks are powered by a hydraulic mechanism.

Electrical requirement:

240 VAC



A range of advanced safety features are available to ensure peace of mind and avoid unintended operation:

  • Inductive loop vehicle detectors installed in the road.
  • Photo-electric cells to further ensure that the roadblock is not in motion while something is passing.
  • LED lights on the front of the roadblock and traffic lights by the road to indicate when it is safe/unsafe to pass or when the roadblock is in motion.
  • Sirens to indicate that the roadblock is in motion.
  • Speed bumps to slow down approaching traffic.
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