Sliding Gates

SL2050 2 Wing swing gate
SL2050 2 Wing swing gate
SL1000 Sliding Gate
SL1000 Sliding Gate
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About our Sliding Gates

sliding gate drawingBGI offers a range of gates for private and commercial installations where protection and privacy are required. Recognizing that customer sites often limited in space, BGI solutions include swing gates, sliding gates and telescopic gates. BGI sliding gates moves along tracks   fitted in the ground ensuring reliable and smooth opening and providing additional strength and support.

BGI's sliding gates are custom built to meet local topographical and environmental constraints.


  • Sliding/telescopic gates are powered by a high-quality, heavy-duty electric motor with a clutch that can be neutralized during a power outage. The rack and pinion track allows the gate to move smoothly and the exposed rollers can be serviced without the need to disassemble the gate.


Safety features include two pairs of photo electric sensors to halt movement if a vehicle or person passes during operation, and a clutch for neutralizing or reversing the motor in the event of a collision with a person, vehicle or any other object. The gate can also be fitted with a range of additional safety featrues including touch sensitive edges, lights and sirens.


Sliding Gate Types

The BGI series of sliding gates are available in two configurations:

  • Telescopic Gates: Where there is no room for the gate to either slide sideways or swing open.
  • Sliding Gate: Where there is room for the gate to slide sideways completely opening the lane for passage.

In all cases, BGI will survey the site create a custom solution and work with you to create an elegant and cost-effective solution.

Code Type Mechanism Weight Range Height Length
SL1000 Sliding - Rail Electric Motor 400 - 4,500 kg Up to 2 m Up to 6 m
ST3000 Sliding - Rail - Telescopic Electric 400 - 4,500 kg Up to 2 m Up to 9 m

The gates are powered by a powerful electric motor.

Electrical requirement:

110 - 240 VAC


LED lights


A range of advanced safety features are available to ensure peace of mind and avoid unintended operation:

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