Semi-Automatic Bollards

Semi-Automatic Bollards
Semi-Automatic Bollards

Elegant, simple to use and with optional LED lighting

Simple operation of semi-automatic bollards
Simple operation of semi-automatic bollards
Semi-Automatic Bollards
Semi-Automatic Bollards
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semi-bollard aDesign

Designed with simplicity of operation in mind, the BS4000 semi-automatic bollards contain a gas-filled piston which automatically raises the bollard and locks it into position when the key is inserted.

To lower the bollard, the key is inserted to release the lock and then steady pressure is applied to the top. When the bollard is fully lowered, it automatically locks in position.


Keys for the BS4000 series are cut in such a way as to ensure that each is unique in order to thwart attempts at forcing the bollards closed. The piston is engineered to the highest standards and can easily be removed for maintenance.

The unit is rated to support 25 tons of pressure from vehicle wheels.


  • The bollard is made of steel with a stainless steel exterior offering an elegant and durable surface.
  • The bollard casing set in the ground is galvanized and hardened during the casting process and includes drainage channels.
  • The bollard cap can be upgraded to a band of LED lights if desired as long as there is a power source near the bollards.
  • Special consideration has been given to drainage in the design to ensure that extreme conditions of ice, dust or water do not affect the operation of the bollard.
Code Mechanism Material Height Diameter Download Spec
BS4000  Manual Assisted  Steel with stainless steel cover  600 mm 220 mm pdf

The semi-automatic bollards are mounted on a gas filled piston and released by a key.

Electrical requirement:

Only required if LED light option is selected


LED light cap


  • LED lights on the bollards to improve visibility and deterrence.
  • Speed bumps to slow down approaching traffic.
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  • Should be Empty: