Removable Bollards

BR6200 Removable Bollards
BR6200 Removable Bollards
BR6300 Removable and fixed bollards
BR6300 Removable and fixed bollards
BR6100 Removable Bollards
BR6100 Removable Bollards
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Removable bollards

Convenient and simple to operate, these bollards provide perimeter protection with the ability to completely remove the bollard for access to facilities or entrance ways.  These bollards are ideal for areas where access is infrequent and the investment in an automatic or semi-automatic bollard cannot be justified.

This bollard is ideal for access roads for emergency services where only occassional access us required. Additional applications include access roads to parks and public areas. The bollards are offered as both decorative or high-security versions.


BGI's decorative, designed, cast-iron and stainless steel bollards require a foundation of only 15 - 25 cm


The removable anti-ramming security bollards are installed at intervals whereby the distance between the bollards ensures that a car will hit two and the impact will be spread. The depth of the foundation of BGI security bollards is at least 1m. Manufactured from galvanized steel, these bollards hav a stainless steel outer shell.


These bollards are often combined with fixed bollards to provide a seamless line of perimeter protection but with the option to remove 2 or 3 bollards in the line to provide vehicular access.

Code Purpose Mechanism Material Height Diameter
BR6100 Decorative Manual Cast Iron/Steel 750mm 220 mm
BR6200 Decorative Manual Cast Iron/Steel 950mm 220 mm
BR6300 Security Manual Steel 600mm 220 mm
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