Name Description
High Security Defender Bollards
ATG Access Defender Bollards

K4 certified bollards - cost effective, high security solution.

SPTT Bollards
ATG Access SP Shallow TT Bollards

PAS 68 certified, Strong shallow mount bollards.

ATG Access SP30 Bollard
ATG Access SP30 Bollards

ATG Access SP30 Bollard - A very strong, impact tested high security bollard.

ATG Access SP40 Bollard
ATG Access SP40 Bollards

ATG Access SP40 Bollard - Cost effective, impact tested high security bollard.

ATG Access SP400 Bollards
ATG Access SP400 Bollards

ATG Access SP400 Bollard - Impact tested with minimal penetration achieved.

Rapidly Deployed Surface Mount Bollards
ATG Access Surface Mount Bollards

PAS 68 certified, Rapid deployable surface mount bollards.

Titan MK II Bollards
ATG Access Titan MK II Bollards

PAS 68, crash certified bollard.

Automatic Anti-Ramming Bollards

Powerful, silent and strong, these automatic bollards are reliable, affordable and will stop vehicles in their tracks.

Fixed Bollards

Elegant, strong and hard-wearing, our fixed bollards are unobtrusive and secure.

High Security Bollard

PAS 68 / K12 certified bollards where uncompromising security is paramount.

Removable Bollards

When integrated into a line of fixed bollards, our removable bollards offer a cost-effective solution to providing occassional access through a perimeter line.

Semi-Automatic Bollards

Designed with simplicity of operation in mind, the BGI semi-automatic bollards contain a gas-filled piston which automatically raises the bollard and locks it into position when the key is inserted.