Light Arm Barriers

L2000 Pneumatically operated light arm barriers
L2000 Pneumatically operated light arm barriers

Pneumatic light arm barriers for high volume traffic and fast cycle times

L1000 Light arm barriers
L1000 Light arm barriers
L1050 Elegant Reinforced Electric Arm Barrier
L1050 Elegant Reinforced Electric Arm Barrier
L1000 Light arm barrier
L1000 Light arm barrier
L1000 Light arm barrier
L1000 Light arm barrier
L4000 Light arm cable barrier
L4000 Light arm cable barrier
L1080 Split light arm barrier
L1080 Split light arm barrier
L1090 Barrier in operation
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L2000 Pneumatically operated light arm barriers L1000 Light arm barriers L1050 Elegant Reinforced Electric Arm Barrier L1000 Light arm barrier L1000 Light arm barrier L4000 Light arm cable barrier L1080 Split light arm barrier L1090 Barrier in operation

BGI's L-series are industry leading heavy duty, high-volume, low maintenance administrative arm barriers. If synchronized with bollards or spikes, the combination becomes an effective anti-ramming solution and is used extensively to protected entrances worldwide.

Specifically engineered for high traffic flows and low maintenance, the L-series sets new standards in reliability. With its elegant and compact design, the L-series can be installed in both manned and unmanned locations in remote and urban facilities.

Suitable for border crossings, car parks and entrances to compounds, the L-series can be integrated into a range of access control and intruder detection systems to provide a comprehensive perimeter security solution.

Heavy duty

Strong and safe

Elegant Design


Low maintenance

With a range of LED light solutions, these barriers are also suitable for locations where high visibility is desirable as a deterrent or to mark an entrance.

L1000 - Heavy Duty Electric Arm Barrier

This electrically operated barrier is the workhorse of the BGI range and is designed for extra heavy duty operation. Exceptionally reliable, this barrier has a reinforced aluminium arm of up to 6m and opening time can be adjusted to between 4 and 6 seconds.

Operation: Electric               ‚Ä®Max Length: 6m

L1000 Light Arm Barrier

L1050 - Electric Arm Barrier

The L1050 is a light barrier with an elegant, modern design and built in lights in the post. Electrically operated, with a reinforced aluminum arm of up to 5m, this barrier has an adjustable opening time of between 4 and 5 seconds.

Operation: Electric          Max Length: 5m

L1050 Light Arm Barrier

L1080 - Electric Folding Arm Barrier

This light arm barrier is designed for locations where there is limited clearance and no room for the arm to open vertically. With its unique folding mechanism, this arm can close lanes of up to 5 meters wide with the arm design customized according to the specific site conditions.

Operation: Electric               Max Length: 5m

L1080 Light Arm Barrier

L1090 - Electric Double Arm Barrier

The L1090 barrier is an electric barrier with a reinforced double arm barrier to provide extra strength. Elegant and simple, the dual arms of this barrier result in a particularly well balanced and reliable barrier.

Operation: Electric            Max Length: 4.5m

L1090 Light Arm Barrier

L2000 - Pneumatic Arm Barrier

This pneumatically operated arm barrier is suitable for locations with very high volumes of traffic and can be adjusted to open in as little as 0.8 seconds. The pneumatic mechanism results in low maintenance and also allows for a number of operation cycles after a power cut due to the reservoir of compressed air.

Operation: Pneumatic            Max Length: 5m

L2000 Light Arm Barrier

L3000 - Light Arm Barrier

This is the electrically operated version of the L2000 arm barrier and suitable for all locations where an elegant reliable solution to lane closure is required with opening speeds of as little as 1.5 seconds. When combined with anti-ramming bollards, this combination provides a formidable solution to entrance protection.


Operation: Electric            Max Length: 5m

L3000 Electric Arm Barrier

L4000 - Security Cable Arm Barrier

This electrically operated barrier is fitted with a cable to bring small vehicles or motorcycles to a halt. If hit, the arm will break but the cable will aborb the impact. This barrier is often combined with high security bollards to complement their anti-vehicle ramming protection and ensure that both heavy vehicles and motorcycles threats are mitigated.

Operation: Electric            Max Length: 4m

L4000 Light Arm Barrier

L4080 - Extra Long Arm Barrier

Where wider spans are required, the L4080 barrier can be used to close a lane of up to 11m. The extra heavy duty electric motor can operate arms of these lengths reliablly and in many cases, a drop skirt is added to gates like this to improve visibitility.

Operation: Electric            Max Length: 11m

L4080 Light Arm Barrier

BGI506 - Light Boom Barrier

Our BGI506 light arm barrier is used to effectively regulate vehicular traffic. BGI506 ligth arm barrier provide high performances and safety, making them ideal parking lots, toll plazas, or any roadway entry where medium to heavy traffic is expected. Our boom barriers are easy to operate through push button/remote control systems/magnetic loop detectors/ RFID system, etc. In case of power failure, it is easy to disengage the mechanism and manually operate the system.

Operation: Electric            Max Length: 5m

BGI506 Light Arm Barrier


Pneumatic Operation air reservoirWith its unique pneumatic system, the L2000 arm barrier system provides a solution to very high volume traffic flows with up to 5000 cycles a day sustained 24/7. Opening times are fully adjustable and even at as little as 0.8 seconds at sustained operation, the pneumatic operation ensures very low maintenance since the air pressure ensures minimal wear on the system components.
With no gears to jam or motors to burn out, the simple piston mechanism is rated at 10 million operations between gasket replacements. In the event of loss of power, the air reservoir allows continued operation of between 5 and 10 cycles.
Electric Operation The L-series electrically operated arm barriers are installed at thousands of entrance ways and provides reliable solutions to many traffic control and barrier challenges. With an innovative mechanism to hold the strengthened arm from both sides, and a special release mechanism in case of loss of power, this barrier is designed for high volume. The powerful 0.5 HP motor will quietly and efficiently operate the barrier in attended or unattended locations and the controller can be integrated with a variety of access control options.
Code Mechanism Arm Material Length Opening Time Note Download Spec
L1000 Electric Reinforced Aluminium Up to 6m  4-6 secs Designed for heavy duty operation. pdf
L1050 Electric Reinforced Aluminium Up to 5m 4-5 secs   pdf
L1080 Electric Aluminium Folding Arm Up to 5m 4-6 secs Arm length is customizable according to the maximum available ceiling height.  
L1090 Electric Reinforced Double Aluminium Arms Up to 4.5m 4-6 secs    
L2000 Pneumatic Aluminium Up to 4.5m From 0.8 secs Adjustable speed. pdf
L3000 Electric Aluminium Up to 5m 1.5 secs    
L4000 Electric Aluminium cable barrier Up to 4m 6-7 secs    
L4080 Electric Aluminium Up to 11m 10 secs Optional drop skirt to increase visibility and enhance deterrence.  
BGI506 Electric Aluminium Up to 5m 2 secs Designed for heavy-duty operation  

The gates are powered by an efficient and powerful electric motor (or a pneumatic mechanism in the case of the L2000).

Air Pressure:

Pneumatic requires 5-6 ATM of air pressure supplied from a compressor with a storage tank.

Electrical requirement:

110 - 240 VAC (compressor and electro-hydraulic)

 Compressor 1

A range of advanced safety features are available to ensure peace of mind and avoid unintended operation:

  • Inductive loop vehicle detectors installed in the road.
  • Edge sensors on the arm to stop or reverse the barrier if a collision is detected.
  • Photo-electric cells to further ensure that the barriers are not in motion while something is passing.
  • LED arm lights and barrier post lights to indicate when it is safe/unsafe to pass or when barriers are in motion.
  • Sirens to indicate that a barrier is in motion.
  • Speed bumps to slow down approaching traffic.
  • Drop down skirt arm barrier attachment to improve visibility
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